Living the Good Life at Canadian Property Stars

Mo Shaikh is from the Mississauga Canadian Property Stars Team and is in his second year working for the company. To him, the money earned from this job is just an added bonus, and comes secondary to the valuable life skills that he has learned. “Everything I learned here, the way I’m tested here [is great]”. Mo is highly competitive no matter what he’s doing, a quality that fits very well with his job at Canadian Property Stars. He is a power lifter and an actor, and loves competing against others.

Mo describes the job to be “kind of like life – you’re going to be given a set of tools and it’s up to you how hard you want to work and the way you change it”. This job has taught him to work hard for his dreams and to never give up: “I don’t want the 9-5 [job]. I don’t care how hard I have to work, I want to live an amazing life – I want to live the good life”.

Not only does his job at Property Stars help Mo live “the good life”, but it also helps him support his family and pay for tuition. “When I go back to school my friends ask me ‘how are you so motivated, how is your time management so amazing?’ – it’s all thanks to this job”.