Sharpening Your People Skills

Greg is from the London location and this is his second year working at Canadian Property Stars. The job sounded great to Greg from the get-go. “Someone gave me a card on the Western campus and said it's a really fun summer time job – you're outside and you get to meet a lot of new people.” But things weren't always smooth-sailing. It was a rough start for Greg before he could find his feet. “My first day was absolutely terrible. I was reflecting on what I was doing with my life... but I kept going at it, and realized that the universe is random and I think Canadian Property Stars teaches you about that. Sometime it's not your day but other time it is.” Greg has learned to take a positive outlook on life, and this new outlook has helped him achieve results that he never thought possible. His job at Canadian Property Stars has really sharpened his time management and people skills. “Two years of door-to-door sales is equivalent to four years of community college, and I believe that.”