Keeping Busy and Motivated

Dillan was a hard worker from the get-go at Canadian Property Stars. In his first year he worked 100 days, full season. “The way this company has changed me is that it's really motivated me in terms of pushing myself to do things I wouldn't normally fathom of doing.” The managers at Canadian Property Stars help keep Dillan busy and motivated. “It helps me in terms of coming around the street, never stopping, when I'm knocking on doors I know that regardless whether this person is a “no” or not, I know that there's a yes just waiting around the corner for me. So I just have to maintain that mindset, stay positive and it always benefits me in the end and always works out.” Another aspect that Dillan loves about Canadian Property Stars is the team atmosphere. “There's a lot of depth in our team, so we all work off each other. We've already had some chats in terms of strategy and whatnot, and we feel pretty confident in our chances of winning [All-Stars].”