Unreal Experience at Canadian Property Stars

Darcy Dupuis has been a worker at Canadian Property Stars in London, Ontario for the past few months and has a lot of insight to share with his experiences. “If you're willing to work hard, it's a little bit tough at first, but as it comes and you start getting comfortable at the door, everything starts coming together for you.” By sticking with it and working hard, Darcy has managed to make 10 times more money than when he first started out at Canadian Property Stars. This job has also been a perfect balance with Darcy's schooling. “With the flexible schedule, got my exams and my studying done and worked in between, and it's worked out great.” Working at Canadian Property Stars has also taught Darcy valuable public speaking skills. “People pay good money to learn how to speak in public and get comfortable at the door. I was a pretty shy guy when I started... it just takes practice.” Overall, Canadian Property Stars has left a positive impression on Darcy: “[The experience] has been unreal. I've been very impressed with the way they take care of us... It's really inspiring to see everybody working towards the same goal and trying to win. It's become about teamwork and competition.”