“The harder you work, the more you can make”

Annika has been working at Canadian Property Stars since last spring and loves it. After being a manager at a pizza place for 3.5 years and still getting paid only minimum wage, Annika felt that she wasn’t appreciated and wasn’t benefiting from her hard work. After trying out the job at Canadian Property Stars she loved it right way. “I love it because the harder you work, the more you can make… whereas with the jobs with an hourly wage, it’s not usually like that.” Not only is Annika more motivated and rewarded for her hard work, her interpersonal skills and confidence levels have skyrocketed. These skills have helped her succeed at her Canadian Property Stars job, as well as out in the real world. For Annika, the company owner and CEO Ben Stewart is very motivational and gets her pumped up to work hard the entire day.