“So much fun working with the Canadian Property Stars team”

In only two months working at Canadian Property Stars, Alex is amazed at how much this job has changed him. “Ever since I started with the company, I’ve learned so much about myself, about communication, and talking to people... I feel a lot more comfortable talking with anybody.” Alex used to be a shy guy, even when giving speeches at school; however this job at Canadian Property Stars has given him the opportunity to develop his skills and now has no problem talking to anyone. For Alex, the best part about the job at Canadian Property Stars is the teamwork and competitive atmosphere. “I like the competition, it just pushes me [to work hard], and I like the team... I don’t like doing the individual thing so having your own team and competing with other teams is even better because you get to learn from other cities as well... Working together [with the team] makes it much more fun... There’s no slacking off, you just have to run all day, everyday.”